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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Rock Climbing Ricardo de Lamer travell at Perlis,Malaysia

Congrats Climbers Ricardo de Lamer from Sardinia Itali was travell to Perlis State of Malaysia. The state lanscape a paddy fields,hills,rainforest multiculcuture people & harmony. Travell to trial rock climbing destination in Perlis a popular Bukit Keteri hill & Gua Kelam Cave State Park,Kaki Bukit town near [Padang Besar] border of southern Thailand.
A family friendship stay in 1CAFE locate at town Kangar,The malays halal food traditional `Nasi Lemak`& Ginger Tea Tarik a popular here.The state of Perlis majority muslim islam people other Siamese,Chinese,Indian was are living here.It is a strategic location on 1CAFE 15minute to Ferry Terminal go on Langkawi Islands.25minute to Padang Besar.
Tour on small town find a wall climbing & youth climb every evening there. The Cave & The Route Climb limestone more here & will choose the route gred to climb. Thanks to Rixardo to travell here & welcome again.Surely we are connection friendly climb & travell with Rixardo website

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