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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rock Climbing Hannah & Kavender travell destination in Perlis,Malaysia

Youth Activity Climbing in Perlis,Malaysia at 1st November - 5November at Gua Kelam ( The Dark Cave )in Small town Kaki Bukit range of the limestone rainforest & Bukit Keteri (K3).Lead the group camping climbing & do a job volunteer to clean all area at that two site of climbing area.
Especially a lot to thanks for joining the group youth Hannah & Kavender from MOAB climbing Utah,USA. A long day friendly with a youth climb & learning a multiculcuture harmony people in Perlis,Malaysia. Hannah & Kavender learn more about the Malaysia culcuture & learn to speak in Bahasa Malaysia !! Welldone they achieve to speak in Malaysia Language very fast.will see they are growing fast with connection trully fun friendly & harmony attitude to better a reality friends.
Since we camp in Rainforest 2days 2night + 2days 2night staying with family mom Mazni at 1cafe are 2 situation place was so amazing Hannah & Kavender feels a traditional malays food a very delicious food in here near town Kangar.
The Jackfruit Curry(Nangka)Hannah really like it & Kavender very like a Sambal Belacan ( Chili Soy )to eat rice with use a hand.they feel a concept malays traditional & before going back they use two hand for shaking means in Malays call `SALAM`. The Popular Words a long day in groups with smiley the words Malays Perlis dialect `TELUOG LEMBUIIT`
Hope they are really friendly & meet again soon.
Note Progress From Diary Rizuan Khatulpica

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