Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Love A Nature & Smart Teaching For Green Environment - Youth Generation

Today a Nature Days multirace & multiage learning to love protect a nature rainforest they learn a positive thinking to be green protect environment wildlife echo nature.Thanks for god but we a people must clear attitude example 3R Recycle System,Electricity & Carbon Reducing,Please support anti climate change global warming..Please Thinking for our future generation
We Do Today For Tomorrow..Peace & Harmony for the Earth..Luv A Nature.

When u see behind the road,park lancscape many place not turn off the light on tree after midnight.The Bad Action Put the Light on the Tree.How become to support Reduce Global Warming..The Iceberg liquefy every minute.The Human just busy everyday.mothernature come again?Take part in your hand..Action Responsibility For Earth.

climate change activity.Spend my time to teach group or training program in Rainforest.The climate effect day every day..so we must reduce a global warming & do benefit for a people life environment green concept.