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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jacuzi Pool & Limestone Waterfall in Rainforest Perlis,Malaysia

After Trekking & Explore Rainforest nice to try swimming at here my hometown forest many more u can found.But the best in waterfall limestone age 500million years old.Older then Dinasours species of animals such as the Stumped-tail Macaque and plants like ginger,ferns and balsams endemic to the state are found here.Visitors can stay in hostels and chalets or camp at the designated site.Destination Perlis,Malaysia

 Jacuzi Pool clean water from rainforest cave.Get it swimming & feel it cool that exprience. It a simple my shoot video..But give me a good result from National Geographic this video ranking No.3 Chart..the fresh & clean water from 500million year Cave Rainforest.