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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

`WHY` is full meaning in my life

WHY..i am choose adventure & music? Adventure is my hobby since i was kid, never stop the exploration in my life.The first music influence to me a Guitar Joe Satriani.The Music have a meaning in life..everyday we need music & song..Now im fully with exploration a nature Rainforest & not active music since 1996..WHY? 
That my heart only not tune Guitar but i tune a Fishing Rod to explore..:)Also to explore A Global Warming & Climate Change effect the important message to People. Heartbeat from Joe Satriani..u can trial search a song `WHY`
Explorer Rainforest at this month October 2012..give me more info about habitat in effect or no from Climate Change..Rainforest Malaysia still good nature. we love the nature & that y we come as volunteer to it.Im Glad to teach a new youth to participate in exploration.That WHY..

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