Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gua Kelam ( The Dark Limestone Cave ) at Northern Perlis State,Malaysia

Happy New Year to all friend fans adventure sports recreation,backpackers Traveller here in my hometown Perlis,Malaysia centre is a near 45minute to Langkawi Islands 15minute to border southern Thailand   

Kaki Bukit small town location Gua Kelam ( The Dark Cave ) is favourite place to camp at rainforest,sports & motivation camp,trekking,night watching animal raptor flora fauna also camping.rock climbing site have a route for climbing,caving.
Limestone cave is one of the most interesting cave in Malaysia, the cave measuring 370-meters long with a small town near Kaki Bukit Hills.Cave is located in the foot hill about 36 km far from the town of Kangar.Cave formerly known ore mines that produce quality.Gua Kelam cave also be a connecting road between the people of Bukit Wang Kelian and small town Kaki Bukit. The latest, Dark Cave will be the new attractions in Perlis. Covering 370m limestone caves and is located in a small town in Foot Hill.Cave is called in conjunction with the condition in which the position in the foothills and dark atmosphere that always surrounds this cave.
To cross into the cave, provided a suspension bridge to the visitors. Dark Caves Recreational Park is famous for its street cave ("cave walk"). Long underground river about 400 meters flow through limestone ranges can be seen in the cave. This underground river is a natural occurrence of the phenomenon. Electricity supply is provided for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the cave. In 1935, a British citizen to realize that the path of the river here is a good way to transport tin ore from a mine near the river through underground caves to the Foot Hills.
Now local and foreign visitors can walk through this cave using a wooden path floodlit.Situated within Kaki Bukit town, the highlight of this park is Gua Kelam, limestone cave which is filled with interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations. This well-lit cave is believed to have been hollowed out from a limestone massif by an underground stream over many eons. Located nearby is Gua Kelam ii which is suitable for more experienced cavers & Camping site in Rainforest

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